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Designer. Writer. Human.


Hi! I’m a human who wants to improve technology for other humans (although I’d be open to designing for cats, too 😸). I’m currently doing this by earning my master’s in human factors engineering at Tufts University

I have a background in psychology research and software engineering, which has left me with a healthy curiosity about how people actually feel about the technology that surrounds them and what I can do about it. 


I spend my free time continuing to put myself in other people’s shoes by writing fiction. Just like in my work as a designer, I have to consider how my characters respond to the problems they face (even though their problems may involve a little more magic). 

When I’m not designing or writing, you can most likely find me:

  • reading a book

  • going on a walk

  • learning a Taylor Swift song on the piano

  • hanging out with my cat, who is a great assistant (if you consider sitting on my keyboard assistance)

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